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*Update 2* Coronavirus

In light of the Prime Minister’s address, a memo was issued by the District Office suspending all church meetings for the week and weekend of March 16 2020. 
As such there will be no NYI (Friday 13), Music Classes (Saturday 14)  and Sunday Morning Services (Sunday 16), Tuesday Bible Study and Wednesday Prayer Meeting up to this point.
We are working to put things in place for a possible Live Stream on Sunday, and will keep you posted.


Read the District memo: 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update2.320


*Update 1* Coronavirus * Cancellation of District Assembly and Conventions

The Office of the District Superintendent has informed us that the 2020 District Assembly has been cancelled.
The Office of the General Superintendent has cancelled District Assembly and Conventions taking place from March 27 – 29, 2020 in Tobago. As such persons are encouraged to make contact with accommodation bookings and inform them of such, reserving your bookings for next year. The District Office will be liaising with the Port Authority and Airlines regarding the cancellation of tickets, so interested persons are asked to inform us if they would like to have their arrangements cancelled by Sunday 15th March.

Even though this is a very serious situation, we can remain anchored in the many promises of scripture and our experience of who we are and whose we are. Let us continue to prepare, without panicking, and pray for those affected and those tasked with the responsibility to serve in this crisis. Feel free to write or email us with any questions or concerns.

Read the full memo here:


March 13 – Youth Meeting
March 14 – Music Academy 
March 16 – Worship Services 
March 18 – Bible Study
March 19 – Wednesday Prayer
Sunday, March 16 @ 9:00am
A Statement from the Board of General Superintendents – Updated 13 March 2020
The global Church of the Nazarene and the Board of General Superintendents have provided the following information in flight of the global coronavirus pandemic.
As the conronavirus continues to spread globally, we want to ensure our people around the world to follow general safety measures and heed the instructions of local health officials.  Although events on the ground are changing rapidly, we should not panic but take precautions ad be prepared.
  • Personal hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands often using soap and water. Hand sanitizer may also be used.
  • Physical Contact: Avoid shaking hands, hugging, kissing and other forms of physical greeting.
  • In case of symptoms: If you are feeling ill or experiencing any potentially contagious symptoms such as fever or cough, please avoid church gatherings.
  • Non-essential gatherings: Consider postponing non-essential gatherings or conduct them virtually by phone or video conferencing when possible.  The concept of social distancing – reducing the number of times and places that people gather in large numbers – has been shown to slow a disease outbreak.  By slowing the spread of the disease, medical facilities are better able to handle the demand as it rises.
  • Preparing for gatherings: Clean surfaces thoroughly before and after use, especially door handles, tables and chairs.
  • Worship: Consider using a projector to display song lyrics or choose familiar favorites to avoid passing hymn books or song sheets.
  • Offering collection: Avoid passing an offering plate; instead, consider the following precautions.
  • Communion: If your church continues serving Communion, consider the following precautions.  The elements should be individualized when possible.  The practice of “intintion”  (dipping the bread into the juice), using the “tear and share” method of distributing bread, and sharing a communal cup should be avoided.  Instead, churches may use pre-packed Communion cups or prepare individual servings of juice.  Anyone who handles food should thoroughly was their hands  or wear protective gloves.
Please contact your district superintendent for more information bout risks in your area and any additional steps that should be taken.
We are holing in prayer our church leaders, administrators, pastors and congregants who are making important decisions and dealing with those affected by the sickness. We are aware of the difficulties and uncertainties surrounding the situation, but we are called to trust in a God who holds our lives together in His love no matter the situation.
We are praying for all medical personnel and the facilities caring for those affected, especially the elderly and the vulnerable.  WE have hope in God and need to extend compassion through our calling and services while also being practical in following instructions given to us by local, state and national health professionals and agencies who deal with such situations.  Let us not stray away from our faith in fear during these hard times, “for the Spirit God gave us does not make s timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Tim. 1:7)
For the latest information on COVID-19 global situation, visit the World Health Organisation.